First freight

With the focus directed well, you see more than you would usually see. 20 years ago, I never saw any freight train on the Rhätische Bahn network. Now, with the right information, the main focus during our 2 days along the RhB would be the freight trains, passenger trains being a welcome change.
We first saw train 5120 from Samedan to Thusis. The 6-axle locomotive is a Ge 6/6 II, built in 1965. 6 of these machines are still in service.
Notice the museum passenger car behind the locomotive. It’s B2060, a third class coach built in 1906. 110 years old, and still rolling…

Rhb 705 with freight train 5120 Samedan – Thusis. Alvaneu, 27.1.2016

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