Burg Ehrenfels

Here’s another one continuing the “trains and castles” photo series. Pictured are the ruins of the 12th century Burg Ehrenfels, while a DB Cargo train is seen passing underneath. The Archbishop of Mainz had this castle built, as a defense, but is also served as a customs post together with the Mouse Tower that was built in the Rhine river and is still in good … Continue reading Burg Ehrenfels

Katz und Maus

A completely new view, for a long time on my wishlist, and this day I finally got there. Clouds and sun were playing games, but I was able to make some nice sunny shots with the town of Sankt-Goarshausen in the background. This spot can easily be reached on foot. Just beware when parking the car during tourist season: the parkings at the Loreley site … Continue reading Katz und Maus

Flandersbach timetables

During my last visit to the Ruhrgebiet, I discoverd the Angertalbahn. I found it a rather busy line, and it seems that impression was correct: meanwhile I’ve gotten the theoretical timetables for trains on this branch line. It turns out there are enough trains to keep stay busy all day on this line alone. Enjoy the information! Lime shuttles between Flandersbach and Oberhausen-West, operated by … Continue reading Flandersbach timetables

Major inspirational update

Be ready to quench your thirst for inspiration. I just published a new section “Inspiration“, providing you with a lot of useful information when you want to go out and photograph trains. The pages are permanently accessible through the menu on top of this blog. It is a work in progress that I’ll be glad to complete and keep updated with your help (<- no financial … Continue reading Major inspirational update

Last time in style to Switzerland

On april 3rd 2016, commercial operation started on the second phase of LGV-Est. High speed trains from Paris to Strasbourg could from then on run at high speed until Vendenheim, where the LGV connects to the classic network. SNCF and SNCB now expect people travelling to Strasbourg to to use Thalys and TGV trains, with a transfer in Paris. For that purpose the classic international … Continue reading Last time in style to Switzerland