Important: becomes

2 years ago I came up with the name tee-man for this blog. tee standing for the character T, first character of train, travel, etc. Today, I find myself not satisfied with this name anymore. I decided to change the name into railscapes. This name covers more what the blog is about: railways, landscapes. As a consequence, the blog can from now on be reached … Continue reading Important: becomes

Recognition II

As stated in my previous post, Recognition, I was in Surava more than 10 years ago. 13 years, to be more precise. During our holiday in Graubünden, festivities were held to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Albula railway line. For the occasion some special trains were circulating. One of them was the train pictured here, composed of “crocodile” engine 414 and some historic coaches. The mountain … Continue reading Recognition II

First freight

With the focus directed well, you see more than you would usually see. 20 years ago, I never saw any freight train on the Rhätische Bahn network. Now, with the right information, the main focus during our 2 days along the RhB would be the freight trains, passenger trains being a welcome change. We first saw train 5120 from Samedan to Thusis. The 6-axle locomotive … Continue reading First freight