All about parenting

Last Easter vacation, we spent a family holiday in Coussac-Bonneval, south of Limoges. There weren’t many local trains to watch, but there is some interesting diesel action near Limoges. Inspired by the excellent picture of BramTrains, I made a plan to go after SNCF’s Infrastructure operation to the quarry of Verneuil-sur-Vienne. I only knew approximately when the first of 2 train pairs would return to … Continue reading All about parenting


A holiday bicycle ride brought me to Biganos, between Bordeaux and Arcachon. The rail line here is straight, for kilometers long. South of Biganos, on the section to Dax, the straight stretch is even more than 30 km long. Must be quite boring as a train driver, but the “Midi” catenary system makes it intersting for railfans. It are still the original constructions, although between … Continue reading Midi

First time around Tergnier

Since a couple of years now, Belgian rail freight operator Lineas is building up a network of train services around Tergnier. I’ve wanted to check this out for a while, and on August 7th of 2020 I finally made it there. We left before sunrise and started the day at Couvron-et-Aumencourt, between Tergnier and Laon. Lineas, Europorte and SNCF Infra made for a good start … Continue reading First time around Tergnier