Vintage beets

We continued the bicycle trip into the port of Ghent, up until Gent-Noord. The old branch of line 77 that once connected Zelzate to Sint-Gilis-Waas was still in use for seasonal beet traffic to Moerbeke. Full trains were hauled from Poperinge to Moerbeke with a mighty class 51 diesel locomotive.On this picture, we see an empty train approaching the Gent-Noord shunting yard. It has left … Continue reading Vintage beets

It’s becoming a habit

Although I believe for the freight operators it’s not the best habit, for railfans it’s interesting when freight traffic to and from Antwerp is rerouted over Mechelen and Gent. Same again this weekend due to works in Ekeren. We found ourselves with several people making photos of the freight trains, but for this photo I was still alone.Wheather was so and so, and traffic was … Continue reading It’s becoming a habit


There were rumours for a while that a new cokes traffic had started between Germany and France, passing over Belgian territory. Yesterday a notification came in right on time, and I decided that it was time for a welcome break from the home office. Lots of wind and clouds, but the sun was coming out every once and a while. So maybe I would be … Continue reading Cokes!

Morocco day 2: one day on the phosphate line

We spent the night at a more than decent hotel in Khouribga. Lots of choice there, as it is a mining city and most likely seeing a lot of business travellers. We didn’t sleep in though: it was still cool in the morning, the sun was out and based on the previous day we expected quite some train traffic. We made the first pictures at … Continue reading Morocco day 2: one day on the phosphate line