Intercity detours – part 1

It would have been a very good reason – but the beautiful scenery was not the reason why SNCB detoured their Oostende – Eupen intercity trains through Voeren. End of October and beginning of November 2020, the direct railway line between Liège and Welkenraedt was closed for works. An opportunity for the passengers to discover some different than usual scenery. For rail enthousiasts, it was … Continue reading Intercity detours – part 1

Q stands for quality time

During the last weekend of October, train traffic between the Belgian seaports and Germany was diverted over Mechelen, Leuven and Aarschot. This promised some intense freight traffic between Mechelen and Leuven.I decided to take my daughter out for a day along the tracks. Playing with the ball and a bicycle – on safe spots! – and occasionally snapping some shots with the camera. We both … Continue reading Q stands for quality time

A simple autumn picture

A heads-up right on time, at the end of the working day, made this picture possible. The photo location in Oostkamp has changed a lot, construction of a new industry zone is oingoing. Catch them wile you can, although this autumn was probably the last one that we could easily photograph a DB TRAXX locomotive heading towards Zeebrugge, as DB has just started commercially operating … Continue reading A simple autumn picture

Into the night again

Night photography fascinates me. How to get good pictures in almost complete darkness?Previous attempts with flashes were frustrating. I didn’t like the whole setup with classic batteries: they are always empty when you need them, and flashes didn’t fire a bit too often. Also, separate battery powered remotes were needed.This year I tried a new system with rechargable high-capacity batteries and efficient flash units, with … Continue reading Into the night again