The port of Antwerp is origin and destination of many container trains. I got to shoot a few at the end of August, beginning of September 2022. Operation of the trains was very diverse.First highlight are the regular Transfennica container trains, connecting the Combinant terminal in the north of the port of Antwerp to Bayonne, near the Spanish border. Except for the last mile, the … Continue reading Johntainers

A busy summer day

Wednesday august 10th I went chasing trains along the Antwerp – Aachen freight corridor. Those days off, with nothing to worry about but the photos, are rare, so I wanted to stand along the tracks at sunrise. Which meant waking up really early, but which also meant fluid traffic. Still dozy from the long ride I had to prepare for action quickly as a first … Continue reading A busy summer day

An attempt to education

Last Friday and Saturday, wife and daughter were out of the house. With the son sleeping at 7pm already, the men’s night was rather lonely. Never mind, we got to spend some quality time together on Saturday. I took him out to watch some freight trains. Good education can’t start soon enough. The young man didn’t care one bit, as he was or sleeping, or … Continue reading An attempt to education