An attempt to education

Last Friday and Saturday, wife and daughter were out of the house. With the son sleeping at 7pm already, the men’s night was rather lonely. Never mind, we got to spend some quality time together on Saturday. I took him out to watch some freight trains. Good education can’t start soon enough. The young man didn’t care one bit, as he was or sleeping, or … Continue reading An attempt to education

Morocco day 3: from phosphate to passenger trains

Day 3 in this country that we were getting to know and appreciate better every day. We spent the night in Settat, in a hotel that we will remember for a long time. We got to sleep, that’s what counts. At the beginning of the vacation we had still hope to see a French Astride locomotive. After 2 days and some calculated guessing, we realized … Continue reading Morocco day 3: from phosphate to passenger trains

Vintage beets

We continued the bicycle trip into the port of Ghent, up until Gent-Noord. The old branch of line 77 that once connected Zelzate to Sint-Gilis-Waas was still in use for seasonal beet traffic to Moerbeke. Full trains were hauled from Poperinge to Moerbeke with a mighty class 51 diesel locomotive.On this picture, we see an empty train approaching the Gent-Noord shunting yard. It has left … Continue reading Vintage beets