Finally back

As a kid, my parents took my brothers and me to Switzerland on vacation. I have early memories of the mighty Swiss Alps, and the little trains riding in their valleys. The Rhätische Bahn has been on my revisit-list for a while now, and in january 2016 I finally made it back. Der Kleine Rote, in between the mighty snowed Alp tops. As it will turn out, it became a day to never forget.
Rhätische Bahn makes available its timetable, which includes the freight trains. A blessing for railfans. We awaited the first freight train in Alvaneu. First train we saw was the regional express from Sankt Moritz to Chur, hauled by one of RhB’s most recent locomotives. It’s promoting EMS, a company specializing in high performance polymers and specialty chemicals.

RhB 643 with RE 1120 St. Morits – Chur. Alvaneu, 27.1.2016

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