A simple autumn picture

A heads-up right on time, at the end of the working day, made this picture possible. The photo location in Oostkamp has changed a lot, construction of a new industry zone is oingoing. Catch them wile you can, although this autumn was probably the last one that we could easily photograph a DB TRAXX locomotive heading towards Zeebrugge, as DB has just started commercially operating … Continue reading A simple autumn picture

Dinosaur hunt

Summer 2020 was a strange one. We had booked our vacation a few months before, when things were still called normal. Situation stabilised right on time, and we were lucky to be able to enjoy our yearly holiday in Italy. In Tuscany, the trains between Firenze and Siena are still run with the last survivors of the D.445 series diesel locomotives. A visit to the … Continue reading Dinosaur hunt

Meeting up with Brigitte Bardot

Back to Horna Stubna, to check what action can be expected next. THere was not much asking involved, as we saw this train running into the station. This is the train I came to Slovakia for: cement train 55721 from Lietavská Lúčka to Zemianske Kostoľany, pulled by 3 Bardotka engines. Some people see a similarity between the locomotive’s nose and Brigitte Bardot, hence the nickname. Continue reading Meeting up with Brigitte Bardot