A simple autumn picture

A heads-up right on time, at the end of the working day, made this picture possible. The photo location in Oostkamp has changed a lot, construction of a new industry zone is oingoing. Catch them wile you can, although this autumn was probably the last one that we could easily photograph a DB TRAXX locomotive heading towards Zeebrugge, as DB has just started commercially operating … Continue reading A simple autumn picture

About fences

Railway lines usually follow a smooth profile, and their route is therefore very suitable for different forms of soft transport. Line 59 between Gent and Antwerp is no exceptions: a bicycle highway is being constructed on large portions of the line. Extremely useful for sporty commuters.Add to that the inexplicable urge to place fences all over the place -> the bicycle highways are a challenge … Continue reading About fences

Platform shot

The camera and politician on the previous spot made me uncomfortable enough to move away quickly. I went to the station of Lorchhausen, mainly because I didn’t have immediate inspiration on where to go next, but also because there are shelters for the rain: there was a serious shower coming up. Right before and after the rain, the sun was giving all of its warm … Continue reading Platform shot