First encounter

It took a lot longer than expected to get to my hotel close to Zilina, Slovakia. The road was narrow, full of curves and rather busy. I did enjoy, though, and I enjoyed the warm dish and the spacious room at the hotel even more. The next day, I had planned a day on the non-electrified railway lines around Horna Stubna, hoping to see some of the 757-series locomotives in action. And who knows, maybe even a “Bardotka” with a freight train.
Not knowing what to expect, I just went to the station of Klastor Pod Znievom where I was lucky enough to catch 757 020 hauling a train to Horna Stubna. A very good start of the day!

ZSSK 757 020 is arriving at the station of Klastor Pod Znievom. First photo of a Slovakian train! 22.9.2016

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