One day between Paris and Dijon – part 3

Making photos of trains is an occasion to discover places that are not so well known. That can be very interesting sometimes. In Ancey, we found a spot to make photos with the town of Mâlain in the background. The TGV’s don’t stop here, of course, but back in the days the town used to be rather important. Witness of this importance is the fortress overlooking town, built in the 11th century.

SNCF 4408
SNCF 283

Further towards Dijon, we find more viaducts. On the highway we saw this view of the one at Fleurey-sur-Ouche, and decided to find a place to wait for a train. The first move consisted of only locomotives. It was passed right on the viaduct by another TGV… It makes for a picture loaded with frustration 🙂

SNCF 66000
Viaduct of Fleurey-sur-Ouche

At the Viaduc de la Combe de Lée, at Lantenay, the sun was positioned well for trains coming from Dijon. Among the few ones we saw, there was one freight train, pictured below. Its consist is typically French.

SNCF 26182
SNCF 26182

The last decent spot we found was, again, in Villotte-sur-Seine. The interior of the curb was a nice place to wait. We even saw a freight train… hidden behind a TGV! Yes, frustration again. We got some nice TGV pictures though, like this recently refurbished vintage model.


The section north of Dijon of the Paris – Dijon line has surprised me by its nice photo locations. Traffic is not very diversified because of the high amount of TGV trains. The patient photographer can shoot the occasional freight train, or locomotive hauled TER. It was worth the visit, perfectly doable while staying in Dijon. One day was enough though.

If you would like to visit this region yourself, make sure to visit the T-spots section of this website. You will find a map with the photo locations.

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