One day around Duisburg

Located in the industrial Ruhr area, a lot of rail-related activity goes on in the Duisburg region. The railway network looks like a giant spread-out spaghetti dish – all over the place and seemingly disorganized. Totally unexperienced in this area, I decided to finally start exploring. It was a  rainy Saturday. Thus my main expectations were moody shots in abandoned as well as non-abandoned industrial … Continue reading One day around Duisburg

Night shooting

Nighttime is usually not the moment to shoot moving objects. Darkness makes the use of long exposure a necessity. Unless you use flashes. Today I found an interesting article about the technique of flash shooting moving trains. It gives a lot of useful information: I have also been experimenting with this technique, inspired by Gary Knapp‘s photos. In january 2015, the port of Antwerp was the … Continue reading Night shooting

One day between Paris and Dijon – part 3

Making photos of trains is an occasion to discover places that are not so well known. That can be very interesting sometimes. In Ancey, we found a spot to make photos with the town of Mâlain in the background. The TGV’s don’t stop here, of course, but back in the days the town used to be rather important. Witness of this importance is the fortress overlooking town, … Continue reading One day between Paris and Dijon – part 3

One day between Paris and Dijon – part 2

After the shots at Villotte-Saint-Seine, we headed towards Dijon. Here, the line has a couple of viaducts that we wanted to discover. We picked out the “Viaduc de la Combe de Lée” at Lantenay and found a spot that provided us a view from a bit higher. The first train that came by was a Lyria service, a cooperation between the French SNCF and Swiss SBB. It … Continue reading One day between Paris and Dijon – part 2