One day between Paris and Dijon – part 2

After the shots at Villotte-Saint-Seine, we headed towards Dijon. Here, the line has a couple of viaducts that we wanted to discover. We picked out the “Viaduc de la Combe de Lée” at Lantenay and found a spot that provided us a view from a bit higher. The first train that came by was a Lyria service, a cooperation between the French SNCF and Swiss SBB. It connects Paris to Lausanne.

SNCF 4413
SNCF 4413
Lantenay 10.4.2015

It was followed closely by this car train operated by Euro Cargo Rail, origin and destination unknown.

ECR 66215
ECR 66215
Lantenay 10.4.2015

Patiently waiting did not result in more freight trains, but I was happy with the one we got!

To be continued.


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