Historic relicts

The castle of Flamboin dates from the sixteenth century. I got to see it from a distance from where I was standing, though I’m not sure the passengers got even a glimpse of it as the train to Paris raced through the station of Flamboin-Gouaix. The station is deserted for a while now, as is the railway line connecting Flamboin-Gouaix to Montereau. The switches on … Continue reading Historic relicts

Early clicking necessary

For the next photo, I wanted to make my version of some photos I had seen before. Location is Chalmaison, where a dog was doing his best to protect his master’s property… constantly barking at me. Note: I wasn’t trying to break into his master’s house, I was just standing on a public bridge. So, I’ve had more enjoyable times waiting for a train. To … Continue reading Early clicking necessary