Dark perspectives

This is probably the last photo I made of these magnificent French diesel locomotives in commercial service. As the pack of clouds was getting thcker and thicker, and the sun was starting to set, I kept on going for that one final shot. On the bridge over the railway at Maison-Rouge I enjoyed for the last time the thundering sound at high speed of a CC72000 with an intercity train. At the time of publishing this article, part of the services on ligne 4 have been replaced by Alstom’s new Coradia trainsets.

My last photo of a CC72000 in commercial service. 72145 is passing Maison-Rouge with an intercités. 25.10.2015

2 thoughts on “Dark perspectives

  1. I’m enjoying reading your blog bigtime,
    Keep up the,great work “Railfan” or over here in Canada & the U.S. we call us
    ” Foamers “. I guess it’s because we’re all excited bout seein trains , kinda like we foam at the mouth about them…..
    Lol, ha,ha.
    Have a great week ahead

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