Posing in Krefeld

Second stop on the day trip was to get the car approved in a TüV Prufcenter to drive into the Ruhr area, necessary if you want to avoid fines. Third stop was the station of Krefeld Uerdingen. I arrived here by accident, after all it was a trip meant to explore the area, and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw: a nice looking old station building and a Hectorrail engine posing right next to it.

Hectorrail 241 001 posing next to the beautiful old station of Krefeld-Uerdingen. 20.2.2016

Another surprise was this Akiem engine in SNCF FRET colour scheme, posing next to the Hectorrail loco.

Akiem’s 37044, rented out to Captrain Deutschland, posing next to Hectorrail’s 241 001. Krefeld-Uerdingen, 20.2.2016

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