One day around Duisburg

Located in the industrial Ruhr area, a lot of rail-related activity goes on in the Duisburg region. The railway network looks like a giant spread-out spaghetti dish – all over the place and seemingly disorganized. Totally unexperienced in this area, I decided to finally start exploring. It was a  rainy Saturday. Thus my main expectations were moody shots in abandoned as well as non-abandoned industrial … Continue reading One day around Duisburg

One day between Paris and Dijon – part 2

After the shots at Villotte-Saint-Seine, we headed towards Dijon. Here, the line has a couple of viaducts that we wanted to discover. We picked out the “Viaduc de la Combe de Lée” at Lantenay and found a spot that provided us a view from a bit higher. The first train that came by was a Lyria service, a cooperation between the French SNCF and Swiss SBB. It … Continue reading One day between Paris and Dijon – part 2