Small trains under a massive structure

Antwerp’s main trainstation is a beautiful monument. During the darker months after rush hour is a great moment to visit and enjoy the atmosphere.

The darkness outside and the artificial lighting inside work greatly together to emphasize the magnificent roof structure. Wandering around on the relatively empty platforms and station halls is a good way to relax and experience the vastness of the immense building.

B 4140, Antwerpen-Centraal, 12.10.2015

December 13th 2015 will mark the start of electric traction between Herentals and Mol. The stopping services that are now executed with type 41 railcars will be replaced by electric trains. The sight of a single type 41 unit under the massive steel roof of Antwerp-Central will thus become rare. Today it is the smallest train that can be seen here.

B 4171
B 4171, Antwerpen-Centraal, 12.10.2015

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