Night shooting

Nighttime is usually not the moment to shoot moving objects. Darkness makes the use of long exposure a necessity. Unless you use flashes. Today I found an interesting article about the technique of flash shooting moving trains. It gives a lot of useful information: I have also been experimenting with this technique, inspired by Gary Knapp‘s photos. In january 2015, the port of Antwerp was the … Continue reading Night shooting

Europorte @ Euroports

A nightly photoshoot in the port of Antwerp brought us to the Lillo section of the port. B-Logistics was pushing a train in place at Euroports, while this Europorte locomotive was waiting for its next service. It has arrived here a few hours ago with a sugar train from France. Shutterspeed was not too long, considering the massive amount of available artificial light. Continue reading Europorte @ Euroports

Small trains under a massive structure

Antwerp’s main trainstation is a beautiful monument. During the darker months after rush hour is a great moment to visit and enjoy the atmosphere. The darkness outside and the artificial lighting inside work greatly together to emphasize the magnificent roof structure. Wandering around on the relatively empty platforms and station halls is a good way to relax and experience the vastness of the immense building. December 13th 2015 … Continue reading Small trains under a massive structure