What’s to find in Pica, Arizona?

Arid environments and forgetting your drinking water are a bad combination. It gets worse if you also forgot your food. We definitely had to get back to the car now that the sun was standing too high. The perfect time to give our body the necessary fuel. Hint: always bring enough water and food. In the afternoon we picked a spot at a place called … Continue reading What’s to find in Pica, Arizona?

Frustration in Truxton Canyon

We had seen many photos of Truxton Canyon, and wanted to try the spot as well. When subscribing in the logbook of the private property, we recognized a few names of fellow railfans that are active on sites like railpictures.net. Yes, we were probably on the right track to get to the spot! We left our non-all-terrain vehicle early on the bumpy road and hiked … Continue reading Frustration in Truxton Canyon


The cloudy day had now definitely turned into a nice sunny day. I found this spot north of Noyelles-sur-Mer. This town is the starting point of the Baie de Somme railway. I could hear their train running closeby… but definitely wanted to wait for the train to Paris. While waiting, I also met a friendly couple. The husband used to watch trains at this exact … Continue reading Opportunities


In June 2015, I visited the line between Amiens and Boulogne-sur-Mer for the first time. Carrying timetables of the locomotive-hauled intercity services, all I would have to do was finding decent spots. Exploring the line for the very first time, means looking a lot… and also missing some interesting trains, unfortunately. On the moment I found a good spot, the train had passed 5 minutes … Continue reading Underestimated

One day between Paris and Dijon – part 3

Making photos of trains is an occasion to discover places that are not so well known. That can be very interesting sometimes. In Ancey, we found a spot to make photos with the town of Mâlain in the background. The TGV’s don’t stop here, of course, but back in the days the town used to be rather important. Witness of this importance is the fortress overlooking town, … Continue reading One day between Paris and Dijon – part 3