SNCF 67414

In June 2015, I visited the line between Amiens and Boulogne-sur-Mer for the first time. Carrying timetables of the locomotive-hauled intercity services, all I would have to do was finding decent spots.
Exploring the line for the very first time, means looking a lot… and also missing some interesting trains, unfortunately. On the moment I found a good spot, the train had passed 5 minutes before.

No worries, next train would be in a couple of hours, so I had time to find a decent spot and make a photo of 2 22200-hauled trains. I actually got to see them, but the photos aren’t worth showing here…

Around 4pm I got the next opportunity: an intercity service from Paris to Boulogne, that I decided to photograph in the fields around Liercourt. This being the first train I would see on this line, I had no idea of the number of coaches… and underestimated. Better next time!

SNCF 67414, Liercourt 13.6.2015

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