Last time in style to Switzerland

On april 3rd 2016, commercial operation started on the second phase of LGV-Est. High speed trains from Paris to Strasbourg could from then on run at high speed until Vendenheim, where the LGV connects to the classic network. SNCF and SNCB now expect people travelling to Strasbourg to to use Thalys and TGV trains, with a transfer in Paris. For that purpose the classic international trains from between Brussels and Switzerland rode for the last time On april 2nd. I haven’t made the trip to Switzerland by train since then, but I know I appreciated the steady, albeit slower, pace of the direct train from Brussels to Basel.
To celebrate the last southbound Eurocity, number 91 “Vauban” to Basel, 2 Swiss first class panoramic coaches were added to the train. They were loaded with fans wanting to make this trip for the last time. An extra engine was also added to the consist, to haul the last northbound Eurocity. The engine for this train used to be the one that hauled the southbound train in the afternoon, number 97 “Iris”, but the latter was cancelled on this last day for logistic reasons. Shortly before arriving in Luxemburg city, we se this particular train passing the fields around Leudelange.

EC 91 “Vauban” riding through Luxemburg for the very last time. Leudelange, 2.4.2016

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