Last time in style to Switzerland

On april 3rd 2016, commercial operation started on the second phase of LGV-Est. High speed trains from Paris to Strasbourg could from then on run at high speed until Vendenheim, where the LGV connects to the classic network. SNCF and SNCB now expect people travelling to Strasbourg to to use Thalys and TGV trains, with a transfer in Paris. For that purpose the classic international … Continue reading Last time in style to Switzerland

In the shadows

Going abroad always means some kind of adapting to a new environment. No different when we went out shooting along the Gotthard railway in the last winter before the opening of the new base tunnel. We were completely off as to when the sun would actually light the tracks, not thinking about the high mountains and wintertime. The dark valley was still nice to see, … Continue reading In the shadows

Very soon: end of the EuroCity trains

After almost 29 years, the Belgian EuroCity trains will ride a last time on April 4th 2016. On May 31st 1987, the EuroCity network was established as a successor for the TEE network. The EC-trains also contained 2nd class coaches – compared to their first class only predecessors. In order to be labeled EuroCity, the trains need to respond to a certain number of quality … Continue reading Very soon: end of the EuroCity trains