In the shadows

Going abroad always means some kind of adapting to a new environment. No different when we went out shooting along the Gotthard railway in the last winter before the opening of the new base tunnel. We were completely off as to when the sun would actually light the tracks, not thinking about the high mountains and wintertime.
The dark valley was still nice to see, though, albeit a bit harder to photograph. It was especially hard to capture the contrast between very white snow and the dark rocks and trees. We would slowly see the sun rise above the mountains, but the first train still passed us in complete shadows.
This is the start of a memorable week in Switzerland, chasing trains, good weather and having a lot of fun.

SBB 11196 is seen hauling an IR-train from Basel to Locarno, before mountain-sunrise. Wassen, 25.1.2016

2 thoughts on “In the shadows

  1. The Gotthard summit line lost a lot of traffic since the new base tunnel is open, but it’s well worth to visit the region again for the Dampfbahn Furka-Bergstrecke:

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