Back to the roots

Besides going to Switzerland with my parents as a kid, we also stayed in the Voeren region during summer vacation. It were fun vacations, and I also have great memories of the trains crawling up the hill towards the German border. Around the viaduct of Sint-Martens-Voeren I actually made my first train photos, only featuring now disappeared locomotive classes.I enjoy going back there. The region is splendid and the trains are still fascinating. On the afternoon of Saturday march 5th I hung around the viaduct of Sint-Martens-Voeren to photograph it from a couple of different angles. Things change, but so far this viaduct has remained how I remember it. Mainly massive and consisting of arches.

B-Logistics’ Traxx 2808 running in the direction of Visé, descending into the Maas-valley. Sint-Martens-Voeren, 5.3.2016

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