Too interesting

I try not to post more than 1 photo per location; my good excuse now is that I like this spot, and that we got to see a lot of interesting trains here. Soon after the BLS train passed us, we heard a rumble in the distance announcing the next one.

SBB’s 11626 has been decorated with a “mustache”. We were lucky to catch the engine leading a train.

SBB 11626 and 11278 lead a train downhill. Lavorgo, 26.1.2016
This process repeated itself 2 more times, see the result below.

SBB Cargo 420 276 and green sister 11646 in front of a steel train. Lavorgo, 26.1.2016

New Traxx AC3 187 005, property of Railpool and rented by BLS Cargo, with a container train headed for the north of Italy. Lavorgo, 26.1.2016

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