Warm feet

Winter photos in the Alps could use some snow. In lavorgo, temperatures were too high and the white stuff had melted completely. We headed north, back up the mountain pass, to get some colder temperatures (try to explain that to a non-rail enthousiast!).
We weren’t very persistent though: we ended up in Chiggiaogna, with another nice snowy mountain view, with warm and dry feet. Was it because we liked the spot, or because we saw another train coming down the mountain – that I don’t remember exactly. I do remember that we, again, got to see a lot of traffic.

SBB 11664 and 11343 with train 43075 from Duisburg to Gallarate. Chiggiogna, 26.1.2016
4 engines in front of 1 train! 11327, 11671, 11325 and 620 074 haul train 43013 from Ludwigshafen to Gallarate past Chiggiogna. 26.1.2016

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