Morocco day 6: on the lookout for DF100’s

The last full day in Morocco! We started in Nador, where we ended up last night in our search for a hotel. The hotel was good so we started the day all refreshed. This line was our last hope to see a DF 100 locomotive in action. Somewhere we had read that these locomotives run freight trains here. Well, all we got to see was … Continue reading Morocco day 6: on the lookout for DF100’s

Morocco day 4: from electric to diesel trains

We took our time to enjoy breakfast, and the stunning view over Meknes from the rooftop terrace of our riad. Today we would move east, following the electrified line to Fès, to continue on the diesel line to Oujda and Taourirt. On this diesel line, we would have most chance to maybe still catch a DF diesel loco. Judging the satellite images, the section between … Continue reading Morocco day 4: from electric to diesel trains

End of summer trip 2016

In September 2016, the end of summer brought me to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This region was totally unknown to me. The beautiful photos I have stumbled upon throughout the past months have made me decide to stop waiting any longer and plan the trip. A detailed report will follow in due time. To still hour hunger, I will already give you an idea … Continue reading End of summer trip 2016

New Trip Reports section

Looking for inspiration for planning your next trip? In the new Trip Reports section you will find a collection of the writings I’ve made about mine. Ordered by country, I hope they give you a good overview. The collection of blog posts on this website is becoming rather unstructered: it is hard to find older information. I gave the posts some structure and a permanent way to access them via the top menu. … Continue reading New Trip Reports section