Morocco day 4: from electric to diesel trains

We took our time to enjoy breakfast, and the stunning view over Meknes from the rooftop terrace of our riad. Today we would move east, following the electrified line to Fès, to continue on the diesel line to Oujda and Taourirt. On this diesel line, we would have most chance to maybe still catch a DF diesel loco.

Judging the satellite images, the section between Hay Saada and Ain Taoujdate used to curve a lot, until it was replaced by a new line with a viaduct. Very likely combined with a speed increase and electrification. This viaduct near Ait Bouil is also nice to look at, and we spent some time making pictures of the rather dense passenger traffic.

Then it was time for another random shot. I picked a spot on the map, east of Fès, where the sun would be good for westbound trains. Spot-on. The first diesel train we got on this line was hauled by an old GT26 locomotive. Passenger trains on this line are hauled by both American (EMD) built GT26’s and Croation (TŽV Gredelj) re-built NGT26CW-3.

Next stop were 2 bridges near Sidi Harazem. In the meanwhile, a friendly station master had informed us about expected freight traffic. The waiting was long, though, and the stench of a deceased cow in the mid-day heat was hard to bear. But we got our freight train.

Next stop was Ouled Ayid Ain Kansara, a location near the Barrage Idrisse 1er. We awaited 2 passenger trains before heading back towards Fès to make a photo of the freight train returning east in daylight. The rumble of the engine reached us long before the headlights appeared around the corner. It was darker than expected, but nice nonetheless.

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