Recent discoveries

This is the first edition of a new concept I’ll be trying out. On a regular basis, I’ll share “stuff” that I recently discovered or thought of and that I am excited enough about to share with you. “Stuff” will be very diverse: it can range from thoughts or ideas, interesting photos, music, travel destinations, books, gadgets, etcetera. Diverse, thus. Here’s my first short selection. … Continue reading Recent discoveries

Major inspirational update

Be ready to quench your thirst for inspiration. I just published a new section “Inspiration“, providing you with a lot of useful information when you want to go out and photograph trains. The pages are permanently accessible through the menu on top of this blog. It is a work in progress that I’ll be glad to complete and keep updated with your help (<- no financial … Continue reading Major inspirational update

New Trip Reports section

Looking for inspiration for planning your next trip? In the new Trip Reports section you will find a collection of the writings I’ve made about mine. Ordered by country, I hope they give you a good overview. The collection of blog posts on this website is becoming rather unstructered: it is hard to find older information. I gave the posts some structure and a permanent way to access them via the top menu. … Continue reading New Trip Reports section

Idea: Indian Summer

Year after year, in September and October, trees’ leaves turn all shades of yellow, red and brown. This phenomenon, which we call Autumn, forms a great subject of photographs that include some minimum amount of landscape. In the northeast of the United States of America autumn can look really spectacular. I’ve been inspired by photos seen on the excellent website. Check out a few examples here: A … Continue reading Idea: Indian Summer