Recent discoveries

This is the first edition of a new concept I’ll be trying out. On a regular basis, I’ll share “stuff” that I recently discovered or thought of and that I am excited enough about to share with you. “Stuff” will be very diverse: it can range from thoughts or ideas, interesting photos, music, travel destinations, books, gadgets, etcetera. Diverse, thus.

Here’s my first short selection. Let me know what you think.

  • The photo page of Steffen Haase. A train driver in the high north of Sweden. I find his photos of trains in the snow plain impressive. The low light makes for that soft, cold winter atmosphere. Big thanks to Renaud Chodkowski for sharing his finding!
  • Some new storage capacity for my camera: 64GB of goodness. This card is supposed to work very well together with Canon’s 5D Mark IV, and allows recording 4K video.
  • Possible photo destinations during a 2-week work-free period (aka vacation) in april: Belgium’s freight line 24 between Antwerp and Aachen, freight trains in Cambron-Casteau, further exploration of the Athus-Meuse railway line.

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