About durable transport

During a 1 week vacation, my girlfriend and I made a double citytrip to Copenhagen and Stockholm. These 2 cities are perfect to combine in a week, if you ignore the fact that travelling in Scandinavia really is more expensive than what we are used to. And even more so when the weather is nice: we spent more time than expected sitting on terraces, with a adrink, enjoying the warm sun.
To move around in Copenhagen we rented bicycles. This is the perfect way to explore this beautiful city in a relaxed way. We experienced ourselves what we had only read before: the bicycle is king here, instead of the car. The city should be an example to plicymakers over here.
Anyway, the bicycle rental was close to the station, so I couldn’t help but pausing on top of the bridge that overlooks the tracks. A train driver is getting inside one of DSB’s ME diesel engines. I was glad to see a couple of these machines, as DSB is planning to replace them in a relatively short time.

A train driver is getting on board of DSB’s ME 1519. Copenhagen, 30.4.2016

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