Idea: Indian Summer

T-ideeYear after year, in September and October, trees’ leaves turn all shades of yellow, red and brown. This phenomenon, which we call Autumn, forms a great subject of photographs that include some minimum amount of landscape.

In the northeast of the United States of America autumn can look really spectacular. I’ve been inspired by photos seen on the excellent website. Check out a few examples here:

So, the northeast of the United States during autumn has been on my to do list for a while. Without really becoming a reality so far. A couple of days ago I was checking airline ticket prices, and out of curiosity I also checked for this destination. Turns out it is possible to get a two-way ticket for only 350€ if you choose your days well… It should be possible to get a car for not too much money, and if you look out hotel fares can be cheap as well. This suddenly makes a short trip over there more of a reality.

So, maybe, this year I’ll get to step on a plane for a trip far away 🙂

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