Along the Marne – Rhine canal

The opening of the TGV-Est, planned for december 2016, would meant the end of the Eurocity trains between Brussels and Basel. Following all logic of French railways, passengers from Brussels to Switzerland have to use the TGV and pass through Paris…
We love these classic trains, allowing cheap and relatively fast travel. That’s one of the reasons we were chasing them in the Vosges on this beautiful january day.
As is usually the case, it was very sunny until the moment the train we really wanted to see had to pass.

With a beautiful cloudy sky, in warm winter light, a TGV to Strasbourg rides along the Marne – Rhine Canal. Steinbourg, 29.1.2016
The Eurocity 91 “Vaubaun” from Brussels to Basel. Steinbourg, 29.1.2016

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