Recognition II

As stated in my previous post, Recognition, I was in Surava more than 10 years ago. 13 years, to be more precise. During our holiday in Graubünden, festivities were held to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Albula railway line. For the occasion some special trains were circulating.
One of them was the train pictured here, composed of “crocodile” engine 414 and some historic coaches. The mountain in the background is the Muchetta, 2623m in height, a landmark that I easily recognised 13 years later – even covered in snow.
The image is an old scan from a print – I’m planning on digitising my negatives once I get the scanner up and running again (compatibility issue between Canon Canoscan 9950F and Windows 10…).

RhB Ge6/6 I crocodile negine, hauling a special train for the 100th birthday of the Albula railway line. Sirava, 2.8.2003

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