Below the basements of Wassen

The church that on the previous photo was visible down, on the right, can now be seen in the middle of the photo. The train will pass it 2 more time before reaching the upper level of Wassen’s railroad. For the railway photographers this offers endless angles to watch the trains go by – the passengers get numerous different views of the beautiful valley.
We were lucky to catch one of the few green engines left in front of this regional train to Locarno.

SBB’s green 11161 and it’s regional train from Basel to Locarno, seen passing under the church of Wassen. 25.1.2016

It turned out to be a busy moment. Among other trains, we saw a Eurocity to Milano.

Eurocity 17 is on it’s way from Zûrich to Milano. The service is operated by Trenitalia’s 610 102. Wassen, 25.1.2016

And of course some freight trains.

SBB’s 11634 and 11241 pull their short freight train to Bodio through Wassen. 25.1.2016

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