Up in the air

The international freight corridor to Germany had bitten me. 2 days after my previous visit, I visited the section between Montzen and Aachen.
This is one of the spots I still wanted to get here. Saturday mornings can be busy, so I didn’t have to wait long for this train to pass. At a slow speed it passes the Moresnet viaduct, in the last uphill kilometers before descending towards Aachen.

ATBE 186 228 (BLX 2836), Plombières 4.7.2015
ATBE 186 228 (BLX 2836), Plombières 4.7.2015


2 thoughts on “Up in the air

  1. Deze is mooi. Vooral leuk dat zo de pantograaf al terug omhoog is, bij de meeste foto’s van het viaduct stoort me dat anders.


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