Looking out over the valley

I continued following the line from Usti nad Labem Strekov to Lysa nad Labem. It was a nice road to follow, but photo opportunities were scarce. In Libochovany I found a spot to park the car though, and the view turned out to be quite interesting. The town on the top left of the photo is Dubice, and is located on the other side of … Continue reading Looking out over the valley

Södermalm view

Hard to distinguish if this is a train on Storstockholms Lokaltrafik’s line T17, T18 or T19, but that doesn’t really matter I guess. Södermalm borough is a nice place to wander around. It’s steep hills offer some nice views over the old town, and the cruise terminal as is the case here. This part of the city is also less touristy, and has some nice … Continue reading Södermalm view

Short train under a huge dome (2)

Antwerp’s Central Station was completely renovated at the beginning of the century. The historic dome and building were kept, underneath 3 new levels open to passengers were created: 1 with shops, 2 with platforms. Daylight can even reach the bottom level. On the top level, under the historic dome, the train from Mol has just arrived at its final stop. The driver will switch sides and prepare for the return … Continue reading Short train under a huge dome (2)

Short train under a huge dome (1)

Antwerp’s Central Station still appears on lists as one of the world’s most beautiful stations. I’ve been using this station on a daily basis, but it has been a long time since I’ve made some photo’s there. The electrification of the line between Antwerp and Mol was a good reason: some diesel hauled services would be replaced by electric trains. So my plan was to shoot some diesel trains under the magnificent metal-and-glass dome. … Continue reading Short train under a huge dome (1)