First freight

With the focus directed well, you see more than you would usually see. 20 years ago, I never saw any freight train on the Rhätische Bahn network. Now, with the right information, the main focus during our 2 days along the RhB would be the freight trains, passenger trains being a welcome change. We first saw train 5120 from Samedan to Thusis. The 6-axle locomotive … Continue reading First freight

Where time didn’t stand still

When visiting ligne 4, I use the timetable and train numbers to determine which trains are hauled by CC72000 engines. That has proven to be an accurate method, but doesn’t work all the time. The next 2 pictures are proof of this. I was expecting quite a different train… but the surroundings still make for a nice photo. Here we see a train to Paris, … Continue reading Where time didn’t stand still

Connecting Europe

During the last years, the European quarter has been the subject of an aesthetic and functional makeover. The functional change in railway land was the construction of the Schuman – Josaphat rail link and the upgrade of Brussels-Schuman station into a multimodal hub. The functional upgrade was used to give the station an aesthetic makeover, making it more attractive to rail and subway passengers. It’s … Continue reading Connecting Europe

Short train under a huge dome (2)

Antwerp’s Central Station was completely renovated at the beginning of the century. The historic dome and building were kept, underneath 3 new levels open to passengers were created: 1 with shops, 2 with platforms. Daylight can even reach the bottom level. On the top level, under the historic dome, the train from Mol has just arrived at its final stop. The driver will switch sides and prepare for the return … Continue reading Short train under a huge dome (2)

Short train under a huge dome (1)

Antwerp’s Central Station still appears on lists as one of the world’s most beautiful stations. I’ve been using this station on a daily basis, but it has been a long time since I’ve made some photo’s there. The electrification of the line between Antwerp and Mol was a good reason: some diesel hauled services would be replaced by electric trains. So my plan was to shoot some diesel trains under the magnificent metal-and-glass dome. … Continue reading Short train under a huge dome (1)