Blue hour

Tonight was a cold, very cold, Sunday evening. But it was dry, not too windy, and there was still some snow left! Trains between Bruges and Ghent were taking the scenic route again, to my great pleasure. I found myself a spot between Aarsele and Tielt to set up the gear. I expected a few freight trains, and some work trains returning home after the weekend work.
Freight was running royally late, the work trains rather on time. Remarkable is that 3 out of the 4 trains were hauled by blue locomotives. I join the 4th photo also to the series, as the consist is rather special: the 100 ton Kirow crane, used to place switches.
Lessons from tonight:
1) find a spot without barb wire fences, in order to place the light far enough.
2) shooting in 2 directions is possible, but takes a bit more time than during daytime as the lights need to be repositioned

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