Empties under a starry sky

Car traffic to the port of Zeebrugge has been booming in recent months. Many car trains drive to and from the port 24 hours per day, operated by almost all freight operators present on Belgian rails. On one of the few dry days we’ve had in weeks, I ventured out into the fields to flash some trains. Besides a Railtraxx and a Crossrail train, I … Continue reading Empties under a starry sky

Frosty white containers

It was a cold cold evening, yesterday. During the waiting, I could see the grass slowly turn white. By the time the two freight trains had passed, my tripods were covered with a thin frosted layer.The first train, hauled by a Traxx locomotive, looks like a train from Antwerp to Dourges. The second one is the most intriguing though. Description of the load was “big … Continue reading Frosty white containers

A new season has started

Autumn season is there: time to get into the night again. I started the new season with a warming up session in Wetteren. Testing a new addition to the gear, and learning more about which spots are suitable for this type of photography. This was a very ice photo to make. Getting the gear set up using feeling only, tweaking location and gear until things … Continue reading A new season has started