Frosty white containers

It was a cold cold evening, yesterday. During the waiting, I could see the grass slowly turn white. By the time the two freight trains had passed, my tripods were covered with a thin frosted layer.The first train, hauled by a Traxx locomotive, looks like a train from Antwerp to Dourges. The second one is the most intriguing though. Description of the load was “big … Continue reading Frosty white containers

A new season has started

Autumn season is there: time to get into the night again. I started the new season with a warming up session in Wetteren. Testing a new addition to the gear, and learning more about which spots are suitable for this type of photography. This was a very ice photo to make. Getting the gear set up using feeling only, tweaking location and gear until things … Continue reading A new season has started

Into the night again

Night photography fascinates me. How to get good pictures in almost complete darkness?Previous attempts with flashes were frustrating. I didn’t like the whole setup with classic batteries: they are always empty when you need them, and flashes didn’t fire a bit too often. Also, separate battery powered remotes were needed.This year I tried a new system with rechargable high-capacity batteries and efficient flash units, with … Continue reading Into the night again