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What makes a photo location a good one? Among my criteria are a nice landscape as back- or foreground, no clutter like communication masts or fences, and “peace and quiet”. You don’t see the last criterium on the photo, but it makes the waiting nice. Add a little sunshine and some interesting trains, and I may be tempted to stick around for a while… even though I prefer to see as large a number of places as possible on a photoday.
After the unsuccesfull tries around Bezpravi, I couldn’t resist the temptation to stick around for a while at Ceska Trebova. It was a quiet place to sit, and train traffic was very busy. A selection below.

An eastbound cement train hauled by CD 123 027, seen at the curve north of Ceska Trebova. 21.9.2016
A tanker train, hauled by vintage looking 130 006. Ceska Trebova, 21.9.2016
A passenger train in beautiful sunlight, with 151 001 in front. Ceska Trebova, 21.9.2016

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