Labem’s right bank

The Elbe also has a Czech name: Labem. On this photo, the train is running along the Labem river. Yes, I have finally arrived in the Czech republic.
South of Decin, there are railway lines on both sides of the river. I had no idea where to see the trains, but I guessed cargo traffic woud run on the right bank of the river when looking downstream, because Usti nad Labem and Decin’s passenger stations are located on the left bank. I think I may have been right, I heard lots of passenger traffic on the left bank… but there was almost no freight traffic on the right side. THis is the only freight I got here! Next time, I’ll check out the left bank.

CD Cargo’s 123 023 with a mixed freight train towards Usti-nad-Labem Strekov. Techlovice, 16.5.2018

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