Scrap to coils

The last 2 visits I made to the Ruhr area tasted like… more. 5 days after the last visit, weather forecast looked really good. I got up early to be in the area at the creek of day. I had done some more research in the meanwhile and found out that the non-electrified line to the HKM factory sees quite a lot of traffic. I started the visit on a bridge overlooking the shunting yard of factory, where I could watch the continuous movement of trains delivering and picking up cars.
Eisenbahn und Häfen Gmbh, part of ThyssenKrupp, is in charge of the shunting operations. Pictured here is one of the company’s 6 Krauss-Maffei MH05 engines. It is pulling a string of cars for transporting steel coils and steel sheets out of the factory. On the left we see cars filled with metal scrap, to be recycled in the ovens in the background.

Häfen und Eisenbahn’s 852 is pulling fresh steel products out of the HKM factory. Duisburg, 17.3.2016

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