Good memory

Human beings have autopilots when it comes to doing what you really want to do. And so I was able to continue making photos, albeit a bit slower than before. We were expecting a freight train to Samedan and decided to wait for it at Bever station. We also knew from yesterday’s observations that the next train from Chur could be hauled by a mighty Ge6/6 II engine. Our memory served us well, as in warm sunlight we saw number 707 of the aforementioned class enter the station.

Ge6/6 II number 707 halts at the station of Bever, with its train from Chur to St. Moritz. Bever, 28.1.2016
This freight train just came off the Albula line and is now on its way towards Samedan. Bever, 28.1.2016

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