Living the moment

Seeing the sledges slide off the hill earlier, we decided that we had found the perfect evening activity. We weren’t sure of opening times of the tracks though, and in the meanwhile we had gotten quite far from Bergün. That’s the moment you decide to call it a day, make the last photo and turn around.
The last photo of the day was this RE train to St. Moritz, hauled by RhB’s most recent locomotive: the last one of the Ge 4/4 III series.
Back in Bergün, we were right on time for one ride up the hill with the elevator, and several more rides up the hill with the Schlittelzug. In the evening during season the track downhill is lit – it’s a truly magical experience to slide down the hill in the middle of the forest, under railway bridges, and accidentally seeing a train flash by while you slide down the hill at high speed, fully concentrated on the next curve, one with the sledge.

Last photo before the winter sports activities: RhB’s 652 with a regional express train Chur – St. Moritz in the forests south of Bergün. 27.1.2016

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