High and higher

Initial plans for this trip focused on the Gotthard railway. When wheather turned out to be better in the eastern part of Switzerland, I was happy to propose the Rhaetian Railway, on my photo-bucketlist for a long time already.
We hadn’t prepared for shooting photos in this region, but in Bergün it all came together. We left the car in town and hiked into the mountains, following the railroad line. South of Bergün the railway line gains height quickly through a series of curves. From our first viewpoint we could see 2 levels – the lower level offered a magnificent view on the little mountain town with the Lenzerhorn and Guggernellgrat in the background.

A regional express train from Chur to St. Moritz climbs the Albula pass, lead by Ge 4/4-III number 643. Bergün, 27.1.2016
Standing a bit higher, we got BUGA-liveried 646 with a freight train to Pontresina. Bergün, 27.1.2016
Standing even higher, we see another train from chur to Sankt-Moritz, this time hauled by RhB’s 649. Bergün, 27.1.2016

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