National Old Trails Road

In Ludlow, we started following the National Old Trails Road, aka Route 66. Following this legendary road leads the slow traveller past long forgotten restaurants, motels and gas stations. It follows BNSF’s transcontinental railroad, or at least the parts of it that we explored in California and Arizona. This makes route 66 a must-see for every railfan.
Along the road you discover great places, and when a train is coming, you can easily stop and make a photo in the wild scenery.
That’s exactly how the next few photos were made.
In Ludlow we got our supply of fresh water, highly needed, and started following the famous route. We hadn’t even left the town behind before the first train showed up.

BNSF 8223, Ludlow (CA) 26-5-2014
BNSF 8223 is entering Ludlow. 26.5.2014
BNSF 8223, Ludlow (CA) 26-5-2014
BNSF 8223, entering Ludlow and heading for the Western ports. 26.5.2014

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