More snakes?

The Overland Route connects Chicago to Oakland, following the grade of the first transcontinenal railroad. It traverses Utah from Ogden over the Great Salt Lake to Tecoma, NV. Still wary for snakes, we didn’t have a choice than to walk between the bushes and rocks to get the next shots we wanted. No reptiles this time, but we encountered this westbound train. Continue reading More snakes?

Some like it hot, and dry

We wanted to make a photo with the Book Cliffs as a background. All we needed was a train coming from Green River to make it work. Unfortunately, we only saw traffic coming from the wrong side. But then, fortunately, this train needed some pushing units on the back of the train. The landscape doesn’t only look very arid, it most definitely was hot and … Continue reading Some like it hot, and dry

California Zephyr (II)

After not seeing any freight trains the day before, we tried our luck again on the Thompson – Green River section. Landscape was looking too promising. First train that came through was the eastbound California Zephyr. Today it was hauled by a locomotive in phase I livery, commemorating Amtrak’s 40th anniversary in 2011. With this photo, I tried a new technique of developping the photos … Continue reading California Zephyr (II)

What’s to find in Pica, Arizona?

Arid environments and forgetting your drinking water are a bad combination. It gets worse if you also forgot your food. We definitely had to get back to the car now that the sun was standing too high. The perfect time to give our body the necessary fuel. Hint: always bring enough water and food. In the afternoon we picked a spot at a place called … Continue reading What’s to find in Pica, Arizona?

Black Mesa

Between Needles and Kingman, both Interstate 40 and the BNSF transcontinental line run south and east of the Black Mountains. This mountain range stretches from Lake Mead in the North until the point that is shown here, at a place called Haviland, where a westbound container train runs along the southern part of the range. This zone is also called the Black Mesa. In the … Continue reading Black Mesa